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Elite Training

Tequila Suicide

The Program

Inspired by the training done by the cast of the epic movie, 300, Elite Training is a high-intensity fitness program utilizing a variety of exercises and training formats to test you both physically and mentally in an attempt to break through new thresholds, increase your level of fitness, and better your overall athletic performance. The key to making Elite Training effective is “muscular confusion” – the principle of varying workout formats, exercises, repetition numbers, exercise combinations, and degrees of intensity to force the body too continually adapt and develop in the direction of your goals. Elite Training workouts are structured with this principle as its central theme. Participants will see improvements in strength, endurance, and sports specific performance. The program provides a way to evaluate progress called the Titan Number, a ten-minute strength and conditioning test. No matter what your athletic level, this program will help you achieve whatever fitness goal you have set out to accomplish.

Exercise Types

Weight Training • Endurance • High Intensity Cardiovascular • Plyometrics
Calisthenics • Isometrics

Elite Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
8 AM – 9 AM


$75/month includes three sessions/week plus a full gym membership giving you complete access to all facilities during operational hours

Call (814) 235-1015 or email us at info@titanfitness.com to schedule your free introductory lesson.

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