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Free Introductory Lesson

It is our primary concern that you explore all of our programs to find the one that best suits your martial arts interests, fitness goals, and busy schedule. We invite you to call or email us to make an appointment to come to our office and discuss your health and fitness objectives. Communication is vital in starting you on the right foot in pursuing and achieving your health and fitness goals. The following explains how to get involved in a program at Titan Fitness.

Personal Training & Group Fitness

1. Choose the program that is best suited for you.
2. Complete a health history form and exercise questionnaire so that we can evaluate your health and fitness levels.
3. After evaluating your health history and your exercise questionnaire, we will design a program that will meet your needs and help you achieve your health and fitness goals.
4. You will start your training program with an intensity level to match your level of fitness.

Gebhardt Martial Arts

1. Choose the self defense program that is of interest to you and fill out the form below.
2. We will then schedule a FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON for you. This lesson will give you the opportunity to evaluate the program to see if it is right for you.
3. If you feel the program is right for you, we will take you through the easy enrollment process and start you in the next available class session.

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* Choose the program
that is best suited for you:
* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Date of Birth:
* Age:
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Personal Health History Profile

Please select yes or no to the following as it pertains to you and your health history.

Are you taking any medications or drugs?

If so, please list medications,
dosage and reason:

Does your physician know you are

participating in this exercise program
and does he or she approve?:

1. History of heart problems, chest pain, or stroke
2. Increased blood pressure
3. Any chronic illness or condition
4. Difficulty with physical exercise
5. Advice from physician not to exercise
6. Recent surgery (last 12 months)
7. Pregnancy (now or within the last 3 months)
8. History of breathing or lung problems
9. Muscle, joint or back disorders,
or any previous injury still affecting

you and your ability to participate in this program

10. Diabetes or thyroid condition
11. Cigarette smoking habit
12. Obesity (more than 20
percent over ideal bodyweight)
13. Increased blood cholesterol
14. History of heart problems

in immediate family

15. Hernia, or any condition
that may be aggravated by lifting weights,
doing calisthenics, or any other strenuous
exercise or activity
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above,
please explain.
Include any further comments about your

personal health as it would pertain to
physical activity.

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