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Lower Body Training

Posted on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 in Health & Fitness

Having a strong lower body is a very important aspect of health and fitness. A strong lower body stabilizes other parts of the body, especially the back. It also leads to healthier knee and hip health while also giving people a greater ability to maintain balance. All of these are reasons why exercisers should not focus solely on improving upper body strength. As legs are the largest muscles of the body, working the legs provides the exerciser with many metabolic benefits, such as greater ongoing calorie burning. There are many exercises that can be performed to improve lower body strength. These include exercises with and without machines.

Some exercises without machines are squats, Romanian deadlifts, lunges, box jumps, jumping rope, hip raises, and leg raises. Free weights (dumbbells and barbells) can be added to squats and lunges in order to provide extra resistance.

Some exercises with machines are: leg extension (work the quads), leg curls (work the hamstrings), calf raises, and the leg press.

Use a variety of these movements to continue to force your lower body to adapt and improve.

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