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November 6, 2014
Core Training
Posted on Thursday, November 6, 2014 in Health & Fitness

Core training is very important to many exercisers, as many try to achieve that desired “6-pack”. The core consists of the abdominal muscles, the oblique muscles, and the muscles in the lower back. Strengthening these muscles leads to good posture and the ability to perform every day activities, such as lifting and twisting. Walkers and runner should focus on their core. Improving the core leads to improvements in oxygen uptake as well as balance.

Crunches are a great exercise to perform in order to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Planks are also a great exercise for this region of the core.

As for the obliques, side bends are a solid exercise to choose. Other exercises included for the obliques include side planks and Russian Twists. To perform a Russian Twist, sit down on the ground with your legs out straight. Twist your body to tap the ground to the right side of your body then twist your body to tap the ground to the left side of your body and keep repeating as fast as you can.

Lower back/core exercises are important but should be performed with extra emphasis on form and technique so as not to injure the lower back.  An excellent exercise for the lower back are back extensions.  They look like reverse abdominal sit ups and are often performed in an apparatus designed for that exercise.  Prone back extensions are a good, non-equipment choice.  You lie on your stomach and slowly arch your lower back lifting your chin upward in a controlled manner.  Be careful not to jerk the movement or go too quickly.

In conclusion, core training is something almost every exerciser includes in their workout routine. No equipment is necessary to get the proper workout. Even when faced with a limited amount of time in your day, core training can be done quickly and efficiently and can go a long way into giving you a great body.

October 9, 2014
Exercises All Individuals Should Perform
Posted on Thursday, October 9, 2014 in Health & Fitness

Whether you belong to a gym or like to work out at home, certain exercises should be a part of your routine at least three days per week.

1.  Squat.  The squat is considered the best lower body exercise and can be performed with or without weights.  It benefits all areas of the lower body and benefits the heart due to its use of so many auxillary muscles.

2.  Push Ups.  This exercise works multiple body parts in the upper body and forces the core to keep the body steady.

3.  Crunches. Crunches are excellent for the abdominal area assisting in both core strength and improved posture.  Be cautious not to do full sit ups as they can cause stress and potential injury to the lumbar vertabrae.

4.  Mountain Climbers.  This exercise is a great conditioning calisthenic that uses muscles from many areas of the body and is great for heart health and cardiovascular conditioning.

5. Jumping Jacks.  This is another very good conditioning calisthenic that is beneficial to both cardiovascular and heart health.

The primary characteristic of these five movements is that they require no equipment, not too much space, and can be performed by nearly anyone that doesn’t suffer from an ongoing physical limitation.  Modifications can be made in all of these exercises so that individuals of different strength and fitness levels can benefit from these elements of fitness.

Initially, start with 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions with a break of 30-60 seconds between each set.  If you are unsure of your fitness level or physical capability, see a physician prior to starting this workout regiment.  If you are already of a higher fitness level, increase the sets and repetitions, and decrease the rest time to suit a higher intensity workout environment.

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